Caresheets & FAQ

Animal Shelters & Rescue Groups

If you are looking for a new pet rabbit, local shelters and rescue organizations are the best place to start. Pet rabbits are overpopulated in Toronto (in many places in North America, actually). Please don't add to this problem by fuelling the demand that rabbit breeders supply.

Many local shelters and rescues list their adoptable animals on and/or Petango, so these may be good places to start your search for a new pet bunny.

If you have a pet rabbit that you can no longer care for, please see the Rehoming & Surrendering FAQ for more information.

If you know of an animal shelter or rescue group that isn't listed here and which cares for rabbits, please contact us.

Animal Shelters

Toronto Humane Society
11 River St, Toronto
(416) 392-2273

Municipal Animal Services
The shelters operated by your municipality's Animal Services department are likely to have rabbits available for adoption. Google "Toronto Animal Services" or "Brampton Animal Services," for example, to find information about your municipality's Animal Services department.

Ontario SPCA
Various locations across Ontario

Rescue & Foster Groups

Local rescue groups tend to operate by organizing a network of foster homes, rather than by running a centralized shelter. Sometimes these rescue groups take in surrenders from the public. Other times, they work with the public or with municipal Animal Services departments or other organizations to find homes for mass rabbit rescues (e.g. in hoarding cases, or when rabbits have been abandoned outdoors and have reproduced). Some rescue groups also take in rabbits from local shelters when their time has run out and, if not for the rescue group, they would have to be killed in order to make space for more rabbits.