Toronto Rabbit Central started nine years ago as a single web page that listed a handful of local rabbit resources — pet stores, vets, etc. I created this web page because I had a very difficult time finding information about local rabbit supplies and services and, once I started to find them, I hoped to make it easier on others to do the same.

After a while, that web page transformed into the Toronto Rabbit Cooperative, an information-sharing network and hub for local rabbit companions. On Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and the Local Listings blog, people asked and answered questions, shared tips and tricks about rabbit care and resources, and generally supported each other and their pet rabbits.

The Toronto Rabbit Cooperative took a lot of time and effort to run, and since it started a lot of new online resources have popped up to fill the void that once existed. Today I am rebranding the website as Toronto Rabbit Central, and paring down the services offered. I am grateful for the support of the community over the last nine years, and I hope that the new website continues to help those looking for information for their bunnies!

Nicole Morgan
30 Dec 2016

About the Local Listings

The TRC Local Rabbit Listings is a directory in blog format that posts information about pet rabbit supplies, services, and other resources available to rabbit companions in the Greater Toronto Area.

Contact me to submit an entry to the Local Listings.

Always use your own discretion!

The products and services mentioned in the Local Listings are recommendations from the public, not professional endorsements or infallible truths. You alone are responsible for the health and safety of your rabbit(s). Always thoroughly evaluate everything and everyone you allow your bun to come into contact with. If you're not sure how to do that, you can contact me for help.