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Other possible hay places in the GTA:

Found Family Farm
Both timothy and alfalfa hay are available
Price: $5 per bale
Courtice, ON
Comment: Stan is the farmer here where you purchase hay from. A rabbit friend buys hay from him.

Kemps Premium Meats
There are two bale mixes you can purchase here: 50/50 timothy/alfalfa, or 80-90/20-10 timothy/alfalfa
Price: $4.25 per bale
4461 Edgerton Rd
Blackstock, Ontario
L0B 1B0
Comment: I have been purchasing hay from Kevin Kemp since August 2011, which is approx. 7-8 bales. Very green timothy hay. Lovely organic farm with a few small apple trees right by their barn. Lots of horse farms nearby that you can visit as well (to the left, right, across the street). Small square bales measure approx. 3 ft. by 14inches by 12 inches. If you have a trailer wagon (and many rabbits/guinea pigs), he sells large bales as well.

Hope this helps.