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    Posted on 27 August 2016
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    Submitted to the Toronto Rabbits Facebook page:

    Baled hay, straw, shavings DELIVERED to your door for your bunnies, guinea pigs, chinchillas, etc!

    Fresh from our farm to you for your little critters!

    Check out our blog to read what our happy clients (humans and little critters!) are saying about our service and our hay, shavings and straw products at: http://can.truecoloursproducts.com/blogs/news

    Please see their Facebook post (7 Aug 2016) or the Baled Hay product page on their website for current pricing, product info, and delivery areas.

    True Colours Farm

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    Posted on 18 August 2015
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    Submitted by Gayle Taylor

    A great new retail source for rabbit hay, pellets, treats, toys and litter just opened this Spring in Scarborough … Harmony Pet Supplies just east of Scarborough General Hospital. Friendly helpful service with the emphasis on quality products that are good for our pets. This is the only place near me where I can buy JoJo’s Best Hays.

    Harmony Pet Supplies
    3255 Lawrence Ave E
    Facebook https://www.facebook.com/harmonypetsupplies

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    Posted on 25 August 2014
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    Submitted by Tara

    Paws & Claws
    1000 Gerrard St E (Gerrard Square Mall)

    Pet Valu
    1064 Wilson Ave
    http://petvalu.com — location page

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    Posted on 8 June 2014
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    Submitted by Sohail Desai

    rovr logo

    rovr is Toronto’s online premium pet food and supply store. Order your bunny’s favourite premium food, hay and bedding online, anytime and from anywhere, and have everything delivered exactly when you want them, right to your door in Toronto. Delivery is free on all orders over $20! There’s no commitment required. Just premium quality bunny food and supplies conveniently delivered to your door with amazing service. [Edited 25 Aug 2014]

    Tweet @rovrdelivers

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    Posted on 20 November 2012
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    Submitted by Amy

    I have two rabbits, and I use Aspen shavings in their litterbox, which is changed every 24 hours. As you all know, bunnies go a lot. I use Aspen because in my opinion it is the most safe and has little to no smell for the household. It can be quite expensive in the pet stores to buy, so I wanted to share my local place where I get a Bail of Aspen Shavings for $16.95 plus tax. It lasts quite a while. This is much cheaper than pet stores. Their info is:

    Welcome Feeds
    2165 Durham Hwy #2, Bowmanville

    Also wanted to mention that I use a shifting litterbox for the rabbits which works great! Cheapest at Canadian Tire. The plastic grate pan fits into the regular pan. I use the aspen shavings for their litter (thick enough so their feet will not feel the plastic grate). Their pee drains through to the bottom pan and therefore keeps their feet dry and clean. (I threw out the top frame of the pan that is to prevent stop cats from kicking litter out when digging).

    Hope this is helpful.

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    Posted on 17 May 2012
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    A great new store has opened downtown called Pet Social! It’s a beautiful little space with a small animals shelf and a really strong community focus. Right now they’re carrying JoJo’s Best hay and pellets, and some toys etc., but they’re still building their inventory — if you’re looking for something in particular, ask about special orders! And look forward to their events!

    Pet Social
    11 Fort York Blvd, Toronto, ON M5V 3Y7

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      Normally I’m against killing but this article slgtehuerad my ignorance.

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    Posted on 8 March 2012
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    Submitted by Lily

    Hello again,

    Also found on the Rabbits Online forums, which may or may not be relevant, is how to avoid the UPS/FedEx brokerage fees when shipping with UPS/FedEx from the States to Canada (for bunny goods).

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    Posted on 4 March 2012
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    Submitted by Lily


    Other possible hay places in the GTA:

    Found Family Farm
    Both timothy and alfalfa hay are available
    Price: $5 per bale
    Courtice, ON
    Comment: Stan is the farmer here where you purchase hay from. A rabbit friend buys hay from him.

    Kemps Premium Meats
    There are two bale mixes you can purchase here: 50/50 timothy/alfalfa, or 80-90/20-10 timothy/alfalfa
    Price: $4.25 per bale
    4461 Edgerton Rd
    Blackstock, Ontario
    L0B 1B0
    Comment: I have been purchasing hay from Kevin Kemp since August 2011, which is approx. 7-8 bales. Very green timothy hay. Lovely organic farm with a few small apple trees right by their barn. Lots of horse farms nearby that you can visit as well (to the left, right, across the street). Small square bales measure approx. 3 ft. by 14inches by 12 inches. If you have a trailer wagon (and many rabbits/guinea pigs), he sells large bales as well.

    Hope this helps.

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    Posted on 2 March 2012
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    Local Hay!

    Local hay can be way less expensive than hay from the pet store. I found these through the RabbitsOnline.net “Canada East” board, and called around to confirm the info (but do keep in mind that supplies are always changing). Remember that alfalfa and other legume hays are high in protein and not recommended for most adult rabbits, except maybe as an occasional treat or in very limited amounts — speak with your vet to find out what’s right for your bun.

    215 Lake St, Peterborough
    Pick-up, and limited local shipping and delivery
    Bales $10, bags $8
    Bales are 80-90% timothy with some other grasses and alfalfa; bags have even less alfalfa as they’re hand-picked for quality from the bales

    Peel Seed Co-operative
    10064 Hurontario St, Brampton
    Pick-up and regional delivery
    Timothy-alfalfa hay mix, and rabbit pellets

    Merrybrook Farm
    9110 4th line, RR#5, Milton
    Timothy hay small bales (12-15″) $6

    Bourne Free Farms
    Located 40km south of Ottawa
    Grass hay mix (e.g. fescue, timothy, brome, orchard grass, reed canary grass, ryegrass, bluegrass)
    Available at BunFest (they’re a sponsor) and through the Rabbit Rescue store
    Also available at participating Bulk Barns:
    Read More →

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    Posted on 22 February 2012
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    Submitted by Laura

    Bunny lovers! I just discovered a very cool, new line of products called The Blue-Eyed Bunny. I found them at Tails. They make 100% all natural treats and chew toys for bunnies (and other small pets). Their apple sticks are organic and everything they make is free of adhesives, dyes or sugar. (Hard to find that in some of the more commercial brands!) Their packaging is biodegradable and/or compostable. They also have tremendous social values and actively support animal adoptions as well as child sponsorship and programs for women in developing countries. Very cool for bunnies AND the world. I think you can even order online through Tails’ website if you don’t live nearby. (P.S. The dried Bunny Green herbs are incredible – totally fragrant and unlike lettuce in your fridge, doesn’t go bad!)

    Editor’s note: Tails also sells other bunny supplies, like hay, pellets, dishes, etc!

    2211 Queen St E, Toronto
    (647) 436-2529
    E-store, Small Animals category

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    Posted on 23 May 2011
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    Regarding online Canadian retailers of rabbit supplies (for online shopping): many have already been mentioned (see this post, in particular), but I’ve found a few more. If you know of any others, please comment here or submit a new update!

    • Cindy from Sherwood Forest Natural Rabbit Food 10:54 pm on 2 November 2011 Permalink | Reply


      Please take a moment to visit this site!! We are so excited to offer rabbit lovers a great new option for rabbit food!!! Free samples are available!
      We have a FB page! Check us out and let us know what you think!!! Our food is FRESH and green and full of all the proper nutrients!! We PROMISE!!

      Editor’s note (TRC): ships from Utah to Toronto USPS.

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    Posted on 31 December 2010
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    Here is an online store that delivers to Canada: http://cableorganizer.com/. They offer all kinds of solutions for protecting your cords and wires from rabbit bites.

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    Posted on 20 December 2010
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    Submitted by Sonya

    In terms of online Canadian rabbit supply stores — in the GTA there is Canadian Pet Connection [shipping and two storefronts], Yay 4 Hay [local delivery], and Flower Town Chinchillas [shipping and pick-up]. Montreal Critters ships, too, and the Rabbit Rescue store [shipping] carries a lot of great items.

    Woodstove pellets can be found at several Rona locations around the GTA usually sells for between 6-8 for a 40lb bag.

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      Just an update:
      I’m fairly certain that Yay4Hay has shutdown.

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    Posted on 18 November 2010
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    Dunlea Farms promotional material; black and white rabbit eating out of a cardboard hay feeder with 'Tidy Feeder' textI just discovered a new local pet hay retailer: Dunlea Farms, located in Southern Ontario. They launched their pet hay line in June and their distribution has been growing ever since (you may have seen their table at Bunfest). Their website features a store locator – this morning’s search revealed five stores in Toronto proper and many more in the outlying areas (22 within a 50km range of downtown). They also list on their website the online stores that carry their products. Their pet line includes three products: alfalfa (for babies), timothy (for adults), and alfalfa-timothy mix. Their hay is packaged in nifty cardboard boxes that function as feeders and are safely edible!

    • Michael 6:20 pm on 12 February 2011 Permalink | Reply

      Hi There!

      We’re holding another clever critters photo contest, and we’d really appreciate if you can help spread the word.

      We’ve already got a bunch of great entries for people to view and vote on, and the more participants we have the more fun everyone can have!

      Dunlea Farms Pet Hay

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    Posted on 30 October 2010
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    Listed below are some American-based online rabbit supply stores that offer Canadian shipping. Do you know of any that aren’t listed here? Please comment or post a new update!

    • American Pet Dinner: Located in Nevada; they contact you regarding shipping costs after you have made your purchase.
    • A Better Rabbit House: Information regarding Canadian shipments is not provided on the website, but appears possible at check-out; contact 360-758-4299 for details.
    • Binky Bunny: Located in California; shipping costs can be calculated with their online tool prior to purchase; rates are high to Toronto (e.g. $30 for a $10 bag of pellets).
    • Bunny Bunch Boutique: Located in California; e-mail your order to caroline@bunnybunch.org with “International Order” as the subject to get an invoice that includes shipping costs; orders fund the Bunny Bunch rescue shelter.
    • Sherwood Forest Natural Rabbit Food pellets: Located in Utah, ships UPS. (See their comment on TRC.)
    • Bunny Bytes: Located in Seattle, Washington.
    • The Busy Bunny: Location unknown; shipping costs can be calculated with their simple tool prior to purchase; shipping to Toronto is pretty high (e.g. $20 for a small $9 toy, $40 for a large $60 “maze haven”).
    • Dew Hop Inn (Etsy): Selection of treat foods, hay, chew toys, etc.; shipping costs $13.45 for a single item and $1 for each additional item.
    • Doctors Foster and Smith: Most items ship from their facility in Rhinelander, Wisconsin. Email your name, mailing address, email address, phone number, and desired items to customerservice@drsfostersmith.com to get a shipping and handling quote.
    • For Other Living Things: Located in California; they warn about difficulties with Canadian shipments (high duties, delays).
    • Funny Bunny Toy Company: Located in California; email your information to funnybunnytoy@sbcglobal.net to place your order.
    • Jeffers Pet: Located in Alabama; shipping charges not calculated until after payment is made (second payment required).
    • KV Supply: Medical supplies and more.
    • Leith Petworks Inc.: Located in Oregon; shipping costs calculated automatically before purchase.
    • Petco: Ships to Canada through iShopUSA.
    • Pet Rabbit Toys!: Located in Ohio; shipping quote can be calculated with their online tool prior to purchase; seemingly low rates to Toronto (e.g. $8 on a large wooden hay manger costing $25).
    • Petsmart.com: Shipping costs provided automatically upon check-out, prior to payment; rates are high to Toronto (e.g. $18 on an $8 bag of pellets).
    • Rabbitstop.com: Located in Illinois; shipping costs can be calculated with their online tool prior to purchase; rates are high to Toronto (e.g. $25 for a $6 glass water bottle).
    • Valley Organic Hay: Located in Oregon; shipping costs can be calculated with their online tool prior to purchase; shipping to Canada appears to be quite low (e.g. $5 for a $5 bag of hay).
    • Wabbit Works’ Screwy Rabbit Hay Buffet: Located in Arizona; email thewabbitworks@aol.com for information about shipping to Canada
    • Willa’s Ark: $30 overseas shipping fee plus standard fee based on how much you spend (ranging from $6-15).
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    Posted on 28 August 2010
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    For the first aid treatment of small surface wounds, povidone iodine is often recommended as a disinfectant flush. I’ve been looking for ages, and finally found some!

    Snowdon Pharmacy
    264 Bloor St W (in the Medical Arts Bldg)
    (416) 922-2156

    You’ll most likely find povidone iodine in a 10% solution under the brand name Betadine. To administer: Dilute Betadine with lukewarm water (various sources differ on the ratio – 1:10, 1:4, or to an “iced tea” colour) and flush the wound. Avoid contact with the eyes, nose, mouth. Some sources recommend flushing secondly with saline water.

    If you think your rabbit is in shock, or if the wound is deeper than the skin – with copious bleeding, gushing – don’t waste time at home: immediately apply a non-adherent sterile pad to the wound and, with a clean towel or cloth on top, apply pressure and get thee to the vet’s.

    Povidone iodine is not necessarily recommended in wound packing/bandage soaking etc. Just as a flush.

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    Posted on 22 June 2010
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    I just read on the Toronto Observer website about a new independent pet store – an “ethical” pet store – that opened up in East York this past winter. According to their website they sell a variety of high-quality rabbit products, including Oxbow hays and pellets, Carefresh and Yesterday’s News bedding, and toys and some basic medical supplies. Here’s the contact info:

    For the Love of Animals (416) 901-3035 . 930 Pape Ave.

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    Posted on 19 June 2010
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    Some rabbit supply tips:

    • IKEA Rabalder cable reels are great for bunny proofing.
    • Nature’s Miracle Orange-Oxy stain remover sprays are available at PetSmart (“Just for Cats” works great for rabbits too).
    • White vinegar is available pretty much anywhere, and it works wonders for removing bunny messes from solid surfaces.
    • Wire grid cubes for bunny condos available at Home Depot and Walmart (not necessarily in the online catalogues).

    Do you have any rabbit supply tips relating to the G.T.A.? Please comment here or post a new update!

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    Posted on
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    The stores listed below were recommended on the TRC’s old Facebook group.

    • Menagerie Pet Shop (416) 921-4966 . 549 Parliament St.
    • Helmutt’s Pet Supply (416) 509-1265 . 863 Queen St. W.
    • Pet Valu College @ Augusta (416) 944-0314 . 339 College St.
    • Pet Valu Port Credit (905) 274-8774‎ . 201 Lakeshore Rd. E., Mississauga
    • Petview  (416) 738-8439 . 252 Queen St. W. (inside Gardenview Convenience 416.593.2560)
    • The Animal Hospital of High Park sells Oxbow hays and pellets
    • Petsmart (various locations)
    • Global Pet Foods (various locations)

    Do you know of another rabbit supply store in the G.T.A.? Please comment here or post a new update.