Submitted by Amy

I have two rabbits, and I use Aspen shavings in their litterbox, which is changed every 24 hours. As you all know, bunnies go a lot. I use Aspen because in my opinion it is the most safe and has little to no smell for the household. It can be quite expensive in the pet stores to buy, so I wanted to share my local place where I get a Bail of Aspen Shavings for $16.95 plus tax. It lasts quite a while. This is much cheaper than pet stores. Their info is:

Welcome Feeds
2165 Durham Hwy #2, Bowmanville

Also wanted to mention that I use a shifting litterbox for the rabbits which works great! Cheapest at Canadian Tire. The plastic grate pan fits into the regular pan. I use the aspen shavings for their litter (thick enough so their feet will not feel the plastic grate). Their pee drains through to the bottom pan and therefore keeps their feet dry and clean. (I threw out the top frame of the pan that is to prevent stop cats from kicking litter out when digging).

Hope this is helpful.